5 Ted Talks to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

5 Ted Talks to get you totally pumped up for yoga! 

1. Want to wake up and LIVE? Aimee Bohn talks about her personal experience and how she changed her narrative through radical affirmation. Aimee explains the Tantra's teachings, that life is a "supreme gift" and that we are encouraged to express ourselves as limitless, infinite beings rather than subject to the story others write for us. 


2. Tao Portion-Lynch! What modern yogi is more inspiring than her?! She shares her amazing life and experiences growing up in India, marching with Mahatma Ghandi, her beautiful spirit, and valuable wisdom. You'll be convinced that there is NOTHING you cannot do. 


3. LIVE YOUR TRUTH! Stephanie Snyder, "what we hide from the world owns us." Wow! She talks passionate work, and the necessity for us to be honest with ourselves and to recognize our broken places as gateways to realizing our fullest potential. Sat nam sister!


4. Need cold hard facts? Neuroscientist Sara Lazar talks science. She breaks down recent studies and describes the changes that occur in the brain over time with meditation! 


5. Brene Brown. I could go on for days how inspiring and incredible and BADASS she is...I love her okayyy. Just watch it, she's the best.